Packaging for footwear sets the tone for its contents. Whether your packaging fits tall boots or a pair of loafers, this type of packaging is an ideal way to accent your footwear purchases. Your custom boot or shoe packaging can consist of shopping bags, reusable shopping bags and dust bags. Use any of these packaging pieces at the end of each sale for taking your products home and to store your shoes in the closet. Custom shoe packaging is worth the investment and carries your brand over from in-store or online into the customer’s home.


Create your footwear packaging from a variety of materials and treatments. The look of your packaging compliments your in-store atmosphere or online presence. When creating paper shopping bags for your footwear, use materials like kraft, specialty art paper or beater dyed paper. Durable papers like these can hold shoe or boot boxes or multiple pairs of shoes at a time with ease.

If your company is looking for more of an eco-friendly shopper, materials like pp non-woven, cotton canvas or muslin are also an option. Use your reusable footwear bags continually after purchase. Due to their durable nature, they are the perfect carriers for heavier products. Along with paper and reusable shopping bags, duster bags are also the perfect item to have in your footwear packaging collection.


Duster bags are similar to pouches but mainly protect footwear of all types – whether it be sandals, sneakers or boots. Custom dust bags are worth the investment and carry your brand over from in-store or online into the customer’s home. Duster bags are normally made from thicker materials like cotton, flannelor pp non-woven. To add the finishing touches, zippers or drawstring closures on the bags will protect your footwear. All while making them easily accessible. When creating your dust bags, it’s important to consider the type of footwear it will hold.

Much like reusable shopping bags, duster bags are equally as important Duster bags for footwear keep your shoes safe in transit and dust free while in storage. These packaging pieces are so easily customizable when it comes to size, construction and treatments. Footwear duster bags can come in any shape or size to fit your brand. Add the finishing touches to your duster bags with hot stamping, custom printing or custom closures like fold overs, zippers or drawstrings.


Once you select your packaging items and materials, adding unique treatments like custom printing, foil hot stamping, matte or gloss lamination or spot uv will put the finishing touches on all of your footwear packaging items. For your reusable packaging items like shopping and duster bags, add custom closures like zipper pulls, fold overs or drawstring to give your bags extra security. Finally, add embroidery or more custom printing for an all-around distinctive look for your brand.

Having beautifully designed footwear packaging will further compliment your brand, store atmosphere or online presence. Major retailers like department stores, sporting goods stores as well as designer stores use multiple forms of footwear packaging for their products.

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