Overdue For A Promotion? Vipac Will Give You One!

Any business can use promotion.  A giveaway for your customers is always a great way to leave a lasting impression.  Everyone loves something for free, especially if it is something useful.

A vinyl zipper bag with your logo is a simple gift, useful for storing small items.  You can place your product inside, or another gift item, such as a pen or pad or anything you can think of. We can create totes, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, snap bags, document holders, pen cases, and more.

Since our customers are looking for vinyl zipper bags, our promotional bag includes a bag with a contrasting color POM zipper and pull, including a pocket to hold our business card.  Inside is a pen and a tape measure, and a packable shopping bag, all with our custom logo.  Our customers are delighted to have a mini see-through bag to organize small items, as well as a useful items like a tape measure & pen for their design projects.

 For your promotional item, contact us with your idea, along with the size, materials, type of closure, and a sample of your logo.  We can help you create a giveaway that will help your customers remember you and your business.

It’s time for that promotion. Let’s go for it!

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