Vipac Stores More For Less

The sleek rule “less is more” is easy to say but often hard to live by. Home storage and organization is a necessity to live the uncluttered lifestyle, and Vipac vinyl bag storage solutions are the key.

Seasonal bedding needs to be put away for spring and summer, and closet space is at a premium. Vipac blanket storage bags slide under the bed (store it where you’ll use it next) for easy reach. Clear vinyl panels provide total visibility and sturdy ppnw panels allow breathability – which is essential for down quilts and covers! Store beach towels in the winter, summer blankets in the fall. With blanket bags in all sizes, every home textile from sheets to curtains can be changed and stored, ready to be used fresh the next time.

Living the clean, uncluttered style adds to that sense of sophisticated living that we all enjoy, and Vipac home storage organization is what smart consumers are looking for. Contact us today and add it to your shelves, so consumers can add it to theirs.

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