Reusable Vinyl Bags – A Recipe For Storage

Michele SouffleI was recently reminded of another use when I pulled out my clear vinyl “recipe bag” to find a Cheese Soufflé recipe I would make that evening for my French friend, Christine.  Brave of me to attempt this “tres typique” dish for a Parisian, wouldn’t you say? I love this clear zipper bag filled with favorite recipes clipped from newspaper and magazines, printed on line from various cooking web sites, or copied from friends’ cookbooks.  I’m a messy cook, and once I find the recipe, I simply put it back in the clear bag and read the instructions directly through the clear panel. Saves their inky fate from my messy sauces. My friend thought the “recipe bag” concept was quite ingenious and was further impressed when she saw my pretty soufflé.

Michele Komarek

Director of Marketing