Give Green a Chance

Green Initiative

Long before the environmental trend became a leading direction in packaging, Vipac encouraged reuse of our eco-friendly bags. As technology improved, recyclable PEVA and EVA, made without the use of chloride, was developed to meet our customers’ demands for eco-friendly bedding bags and cosmetic packaging. In our global manufacturing facilities, embracing the most stringent standards in clean manufacturing to reduce toxic emissions is Vipac’s persistent goal. We continually seek to make these factories as energy efficient as possible.

World Tree

Vipac Packaging has been persistent on messaging about the reuse of its vinyl zipper bags since 1992. Recognizing the value added of the bonus of strong packaging, we’ve encouraged the reuse of our bags for seasonal clothing storage, crafts organization, car safety kits, and suitcase travel organizers to name just a few. Vipac makes packaging to showcase beautiful home textiles, health and personal care items and clothing, and it lives on with re-purposed work all over the home and office, classroom and dorm room.

Vipac has studied this environmental issue for over a quarter of a century, and in that time has developed a line of PEVA packaging and garment bags for more recyclability. Aware that reuse is even better, we’ve maintained the highest standards of manufacturing to produce packaging that lasts and adds years of value to its first purpose. We continue to do our homework on the newest product developments and resources, because this home where we work is the planet we have always felt a responsibility to protect.

Reducing emissions, Reusing our clear vinyl packaging, and Recycling the materials as often as possible – for Vipac these are facts, not fads. We’ve been caring for the environment for generations, and we’ll take the necessary steps to continue for generations to come.