Girl Scouts, Sleepovers, and Baseball & Vinyl Zippered Bags..?


I was at a gathering for my daughter’s Girl Scout troop, and another mother asked about my work. When I described the vinyl bags we design and manufacture, she chimed in, “Oh, I use those every day! I just used the bag from our comforter to store my Halloween decorations!”


A surprising discussion arose, as more parents joined in with their stories for the reuse of vinyl packaging. One mom uses her drapery vinyl bag for her kids’ sleepover toiletries; the clear bag helps the kids find what they’re looking for right away and also know that they’re bringing their own things back home, and the zipper keeps everything where it belongs. A dad even laughed about the struggle to keep his son’s baseball gear together – and now they’re never without the glove or cap because it’s all in the vinyl zipper bag inside the baseball bag.  I know that we reuse our vinyl bags for everything from clothing storage to car safety supplies.


It’s a great feeling to know that what we make is a superior product for its first purpose, and goes on to do outstanding work in our homes (and our cars, and our school backpacks…). Every day people are using our products, every day.