SEO or Vanish…Vipac is here to stay



We have a beautiful new website that I hope you will check out –

Recently, I’ve been discovering new ways to “optimize our web site” and introduce Vipac and its wide array of vinyl bag options to potential new customers.

When my daughter, Denise, first suggested Social Media as part of our overall marketing strategy, I wondered what this possibly had to do with marketing of vinyl bags. After all, Vipac had been making this simple commodity since we first developed the now ubiquitous vinyl bags back in the 70’s for JCPenney’s blankets and comforters. What could Social Media bring to our established 65-year old company?

Why Facebook? We weren’t looking for “friends” (or so I thought).  Would anyone care what we had for breakfast that morning?  Or whether we were running a marathon? Would I now have to post pictures of our team luncheons? But being determined to keep up with the times, we now have a striking redesign our 20-year old web site. Vipac is now on Facebook and Twitter, and here I am Blogging.  I was happy just to have an informative, modern web site; let alone optimizing it so that every single person looking for vinyl bags is sure to visit and order thousands upon thousands!

So wish me luck as I continue to learn about long-tail key words, PayPerClicks, SEO plug-ins, On and Off Page SEO – and how all this relates to making Vipac highly visible on the internet.

I think it’s going to be a long night!