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Custom Clamshell Packaging

Vipac Packaging has added clear thermoformed plastic custom clamshell packaging to our catalog of products.

Multi-Purpose: Our clear plastic clamshell design packages are perfect for our retail customers with larger, bulkier items. They’re also perfect for our clients with smaller assorted items that need separation in blister packaging. They’re perfect for clients with liquid or fragile products that need protection. Simply put, Vipac versatile molded clamshell packaging is just perfect.

Rethink/Reuse: Always a proponent of the reuse of our vinyl packaging, our sturdy plastic clamshell package offers the same environmental benefit. The durability of the molded shell provides a reusable casing for the original product or a creative reuse as limitless as the consumer imagination. At Vipac we’re always glad when our quality products continue to excel past the original purpose.

Integrity: thermoformed clamshell packaging is ideal for protecting items prone to breakage or spills and leaks, keeps products clean, and preserves fragile components. Hard plastic clamshell packaging provides a clear view of all angles of the packed product, inviting consumer confidence in their purchase. The security of sealed clamshell packaging helps prevent inventory loss as well.

Custom molded: ideal for products with complex shapes and extra parts. Custom molded packaging showcases all details and protects the contents from damage and theft.

Vipac Packaging has all the packaging you need, for all the reasons you need it. Contact us today to start working on your own custom clamshell packaging