Vipac is Top Shelf Packaging for Outstanding Retail Display

Orla Kiely Bags DisplayVipac’s designers know that you don’t want your products blending in, you need them to stand out on the shelf. Point of purchase displays compel a consumer to choose your product for quality and creativity; the more they’re drawn to a featured item the more likely it is they’ll pick up a matching accessory. The clarity of high quality pvc packaging makes all the difference in that decision. We add unique features such as custom insert pockets to let design show through while providing care and content info easily visible. Adding a “touch” panel makes a fabric irresistible. Custom handles and pulls enhance the branding and add to the inclination to reuse the vinyl packaging over and over. Vipac is the leader in high quality vinyl packaging for three generations, we know top shelf because we’ve been there, we do that. Contact us today. Michele, Vipac/Director of Marketing