Designs and trends are constantly changing when it comes to the beauty industry. Beauty companies are always suggesting new ideas and researching new trends when it comes to creating perfect packaging pieces for their collections. Cosmetic industry packaging products range from zipper pouches, custom paper and reusable shopping bags to fold over brush cases, and boxes.


Along with industry packaging pieces, beauty brands are using color and design to appeal to their target audience. Some new trends beauty companies gravitate towards are:

Delicate line drawings – Normally, this trend is characterized by hand-made drawings, either expertly placed in select areas on the piece or the design can cover the entire piece itself. Line drawings can be geometric or natural, creating a unique design on any beauty industry packaging piece.

Monochromatic Black – Using black in packaging is always a timeless trend. However, many beauty companies are putting a modern spin on all black packaging. Some are using subtle black on black patterns or adding tiny pops of color or spot treatment to catch the customer’s eye.

Minimalism – This trend is defined as a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Minimalism in beauty industry packaging creates a chic and modern look on any packaging piece.

Earth Tones – Earth tones are one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry to date. Beauty packaging pieces covered in rich warm tones such as rust, deep greens, tans or browns create a comforting, vintage look but with a modern twist. Earth tones Earth tone hues are muted and flat. These tones emulate the natural colors found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks.


To create unique branding on your beauty industry packaging collections, it’s best to have a variety of packaging pieces and a range of materials. Below are some ideas your company can start out with:


Beauty pouches are an ideal item to have on your person, at your desk or in your makeup case. They range from a small lightweight and compact pouch for travel to a large zipper cosmetic pouch with gussets. Beauty pouches maximize space anywhere; making them the ideal items to have. Made from vinyl, pvc, pp non-woven, cotton or nylon, a custom beauty pouch can tailor to your brand completely. For example, to complete its unique look, add some embossing/debossing, custom interior/exterior printing, embroidery or custom zipper pulls. Your beauty pouches can also double as a gift with purchase, or purchase with purchase item as a present for your customers.


First, when creating a unique shopping bag or gift box for your brand’s beauty collection, many important components come into play: materials, sizes, inserts, and treatments. Shopping bags can be fun reusable tote bags made from pp non-woven or pp-woven. They can also be holographic or a metallic foil trendy shopper with unique handles. Whatever your brand identity, we can make your beauty-ful shopping bags into an eye-catching piece of art.

Similar to shopping bags, cosmetic boxes can also tie into your beauty packaging collection. Branded boxes can be constructed from various materials, customized to your brand and have a variety of different styles. However, most cosmetic boxes are either pop-up boxes or rigid setup boxes. These boxes can easily secure your beauty products through shipping or gifting. As an added bonus, gift card boxes can also dress up your company’s gift cards.

With so many unique materials, trends, treatments, custom sizes and shapes to choose from, your ideal beauty packaging piece can be custom created to fit your brand. Further to keeping up with trends, many beauty companies release limited edition makeup palettes and collections. Because of their short time release, these packaging pieces quickly become collector’s items.

Above all, popular and start-up beauty companies alike are adding these items to their collections as trendy container programs as well as gift with purchases. Using popular materials and custom embellishments will create items that are specifically tailored to your brand’s identity. Customers will use your beauty packaging products currently and for years to come.

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