The Brand Liaison Fall/Winter/Holiday 2021 Trend Report

The Brand Liaison Annual Trend Report
Fall/Winter/Holiday 2021

Issue 2

The Brand Liaison has its finger on the pulse of trends so you don’t have to. On your behalf, we have conducted extensive research among trend researchers, tastemakers, retailers, manufacturers, and artists, led by industry veteran Debra Valencia. And here are some of the important design trends and color predictions we have compiled for the coming year.

In this FREE seasonal report, we provide valuable insight into consumer, product and retail trends so you can see how to increase consumer engagement with art and brand licensing programs. Each issue includes images and applicable artwork from multiple artists. This issue features designs from Debra Valencia, Barbarian and Jane Dixon.

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Fall/Winter: Abstract Minimalism
• Playful organic freeform shapes
• Painterly, playful brush strokes
• Sophisticated textures & abstract layers

Fall/Winter: Dye Craft
• Technicolor tie dye
• Shibori stripes
• Happy accidents & messy overlaps

Fall/Winter: Monochromatic Florals
• Oversized graphic blossoms
• Silhouettes & simplifications
• Black & white line drawings

Fall/Winter Micro Trends
• Magic Mushrooms: Colorful whimsical illustrations & graphic style
• Touch of Terrazzo: Multicolor, over sized, handpainted & graphic
• Dalmation: Black & white print combined with pastels

Holiday: Handmade Natural
• Natural wood, wire, rusted metal, kraft paper
• Handmade cards, stockings & ornaments
• Shades of white & brown

Holiday: Black & White
• Stripes, plaids, checks & textures
• Simplistic icons & handlettering
• Black & white mixed with metallics

Holiday: Botanical
• Dried foliage & flowers mixed with natural materials
• Eucalyptus & pine fragrances
• Shades of white, green, grey

Holiday Micro Trends
• Pickles & avocados: Symbolic of favorite foods of 2021
• Mason jars: Representing authenticity & a homemade vibe
• Quail eggs: Abundance and good fortune in the future

Color of the Year for 2021 Artificial Intelligence Aqua from the Spring/Summer evolves to all shades of blue. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, people will crave colors that promote relaxation. Hues range from pale shades of robin’s egg to deep cobalt blue. Here are sample designs by three of our artists:
Debra Valencia (row 1), Barbarian (row 2) and Jane Dixon (row 3).Other strong color trends on the horizon:
• Neon pop colors with off white & other neutrals
• Sustainable light to medium browns & black

About The Brand Liaison

The Brand Liaison is a boutique licensing, brand extension and brand management agency focused on creating new revenue streams for our clients through licensing, strategic partnerships and other brand extension programs. Our goal is to commercialize opportunities that will extend our clients’ intellectual property into multiple product categories. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our brand extension activities complement the strategic goals and objectives of each brand that we represent.

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Executive Editor for The Brand Liaison Trend Report

Debra Valencia is a visionary artist, surface pattern designer and entrepreneur with a passion for world travel, artisan traditions and popular genres. Her surface designs take a fresh approach to creatively blending florals, paisleys, geometric and decorative motifs, appealing to women who love bold color, fashion and femininity. The Debra Valencia™ brand has licensed with product manufacturers in the gift, stationery, textiles, home décor, fashion accessories, bath/body, and cosmetics industries. The art brand has adorned 1000s of products sold in both independent and mass market retailers nationally and internationally. She is the author of 12 craft books featuring her original projects and design motifs.

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