Clear Vinyl Backpacks: Wish List ✔✔✔

Our clients come to us with wish lists  – need heavy gauge clear vinyl packaging to showcase products, fashionable packaging that makes a statement, printed logo to brand the bag, sturdy manufacturing for enduring reuse, precision details including Pantone® Matching colors, custom zipper pulls oh and ship it to major international ports for global fulfillment. How does Vipac answer all that? Done ✔ Done ✔ That’s our specialty ✔ But of course ✔ We wouldn’t dream of doing it differently ✔ No problem ✔ All day long ✔

Not everyone can check these lists with ease but Vipac has been the leader in the vinyl zipper bag industry for generations. Our clients know that we source the best materials for strength and clarity, and that our manufacturing processes are backed up by the strongest industry quality assurance ISO-9001 certifications. We love when the client wish list has complex pieces, gift with purchase ideas, new consumer uses – Vipac meets these challenges with smart design, strategic production planning and respected logistic experience.

In the new normal of security bags for arenas and stadiums, clear fashion forward packaging is the way to go. Crystal clear vinyl zipper bags as backpacks, purses, totes and clutches are great ways to whisk through lines and protect your personal items. Bring your brand to us and let us send it to every store and team and stadium on the planet.

Contact us today and let us start making wishes come true!

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