Don’t Get Yourself In A Bind Over Your Packaging Needs– Call Vipac!

Vipac can not only design a custom vinyl bag for you, we can trim it with an amazing array of bindings. Bindings not only frame your product within the bag, but create an added value perception of quality. Self – trim, using the same vinyl or PEVA in clear, solid, or tinted colors is a great economical place to start.  Also, very commonly used, is PP Non Woven, offering a fabric feel without the extra cost.

Other great options are microfiber, a cool sporty material that comes in many different colors.  Poly cotton, cotton, or linen are lovely natural looks to provide an organic, natural feel to your bag. Piping, thin hollow tube made of PVC, will provide structure to your bag.  Wired trim – which is wire covered with PVC in any color you wish, guarantees that a bag will stand up at retail.  These bags are wonderful for reusing. Don’t forget, we can match and mix zippers, zipper tape, and zipper pulls for just the right color coordinated look.

Vipac is known for our high quality bags.  No loose threads, nor uneven stitching to depreciate the quality of your product.  Bag it right – don’t get yourself in a bind – call Vipac for help in designing your package.

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