Get Crafty & Try Something New – Washable, Reusable Kraft Bags

PP Non Woven Bags have been the wonderful go to bag for promotions and usefulness in the retail market for many, many years.  They are made up of the same material as surgical masks, which caused the material to be temporarily difficult to secure. Vipac can easily source PP Non Woven bags once again and is always available to work with you to create your custom color, custom printed tote bag.

But look! There is something new other than PP Non Woven Bags, and perhaps a contender to vinyl zipper bags or PEVA bags. Washable and Reusable Kraft Bags are another new option to package your products.

It is washable paper derived from a cellulose-based product. It is natural plant fibers without harmful chemicals or fibers used in its production

The bags are fully compostable, eco-friendly & vegan. The material is accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) and Oeko-Tex, whose job is to review materials and confirm they are responsibly sourced & produced.

It’s also referred to as paper leather because it resembles animal leather yet it is cruelty-free.

It is tear resistant, water resistant, lightweight.

It is reusable over and over, not a use and toss bag!

It is strong – it can carry up to 20lbs of items such as groceries, shopping or any item needing transport.

The bags are also machine washable. The more the kraft paper bags are washed, the more appealing they become.

Washing does not make them brittle or prone to tearing, nor do they stretch or shrink.

Washable kraft is also custom printable with a full-color logo or screen printing. The artwork on the bag is often able to hold up to more than two dozen launderings.

So when scouting around for a new alternative to PP Non Woven bags, or vinyl zipper bags, or PEVA bags, check out the washable kraft paper bags.

At Vipac, we are always here to help design your bag, in your material.

If you need a handle for your bag, we can use nylon PP Web for strength. Handle made of woven nylon.

You can also add binding in any material, and we can even develop a zipper bag version just for you.

Let’s get started, and be on trend in eco-friendly, reusable  materials. To create your custom bag.

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