Good Things Come in Clear Packages

It’s always exciting to unwrap a package at the holidays – pull away the paper and bows to reveal what’s inside. But when shopping for an item, there shouldn’t be any mystery to your purchase. Vipac clear vinyl and clamshell packaging allow full visibility and maintain product integrity.

Clear vinyl zipper packaging often has a custom die-cut panel providing the opportunity to touch the textile – a feature many consumers have stated compels the purchase. The clear durable vinyl packaging promotes the rich colors and unique details of our clients’ luxurious home textiles and cosmetics industry products. Our sturdy clear clamshell packaging protects fragile merchandise from damage, and assures consumers of the visibly high quality product within. Locking custom zippers and heat sealed clamshell containers are crucial to inventory management and retail success.

This holiday season, what you see is what you get – and give. Contact Vipac’s design team to discuss the packaging options that will benefit your product line the most.

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