Got Yourself In A Vinyl Packaging Bind? Vipac Is Here To Help

In a bind ‘cause you don’t know where or how to begin on how to create a vinyl zippered bag? At Vipac we can design and trim your custom vinyl bag with an array of perfect bindings and self trims in many options of materials to showcase your product.

You can choose from PEVA, PVC, and PPNW.  PPNW, short for PP Non Woven, comes in a huge variety of in stock as well as custom colors.  It is made up of tiny mesh fibers compressed with heat, and it is the same material as many surgical masks that you see in light blue or white.

We can also trim your vinyl or PEVA bag in fabric, such as cotton, poly cotton, oxford cloth, muslin, fabric, ribbon, and fancy cording. There is seemingly an endless amount of trim materials to choose from to use as binding to suit your specific packaging needs.

Need a special color?  We can even custom dye to match the trim to match your printed inserts, or to match your custom printing, which we also do.

Another option is piping or wired trim binding.  A wire is wrapped in custom color PVC binding or trim, PPNW, or fabric binding to give the bag a frame or structure to stand up at retail, and hold the product more securely.  We can custom dye the zipper binding to match, along with the zipper teeth and pull. Wired or piping trimmed bags are very useful as a reusable bag.  They are longer lasting and make for great storage bags. They can be recycled to use for blankets, toys, home goods, tools, projects and more.

So get yourself out of your bind, and contact us at Vipac for your free custom consultation to create your uniquely designed and trimmed vinyl zipper bag.

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