Wishing everyone a healthy St. Patrick’s day from your friends at Vipac. While today safely celebrates green, our favorite color, it also represents the upcoming spring season. Now is the time where all shades of green from bright neons to deep green hues can be applied to any type of packaging. Neon greens are a great transitional hue from Winter into Spring. Neon greens, for example, are great shades to use as a pop of color on a trendy shopping bag. Add green as a gradient for a bold statement on a gift box or e-commerce accessory.

Featuring multiple shades of green on your green packaging items can add some extra vitality to your brand. Hues like these are bold enough to use on their own for a monochromatic look. You can even pair them together or with other seasonal prints for a look that is unique to your brand.


Using any variation of the color green is an excellent choice when staying on trend. Many shades of green like Etsy’s color of the year: Chartreuse, as well as Emerald are the perfect selections when creating green-inspired packaging. Adding these hues onto your packaging items are also a great way to give your collections that seasonal refresh.

Green and its trending shades can custom print onto any type of materials. Whether you are using luxurious art papers or reusable materials like cotton, muslin, or pp non-woven, there is a shade of green that can match your brand. Once you select your materials, special treatments like foil hot stamping, UV or other trendy embellishments will be sure to put the finishing touches on any type of packaging.

We will be sure to see this versatile hue pair well with multiple trending color palates for the remainder of this season, into next. Green is the perfect transitional shade for all of your packaging designs.


However, when thinking about green packaging items, it’s important to think past the color and more about how making your packaging “greener” will have a big impact on the planet. With Earth Day only a month away, you can start thinking about how green packaging can impact the environment. Green isn’t just a color, going green can also mean that your brand is eco-friendly.

Offering eco-friendly or green packaging items are an ideal way to make a statement about your company’s environmental consciousness to your customers and beyond. Considering your materials: papers made from post-consumer waste are a great place to start. Using papers like these mean your bag is made from recyclable materials and is once again recyclable. Now, due to single-stream recycling, paper bags and their handles can have a second life.

Along with eco-friendly paper bags, reusable fabric bags are popular in states where bag bans are in effect. Materials like pp non-woven, pp woven, cotton canvas, and muslin are the perfect choices when creating the perfect reusable bag. Your bags have the option to be reused for years to come. Or, as a fun project, you can upcycle your reusable bags into works of art.

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