HALLOWEEN TRENDS 2020: ART DECO by Prime Line Packaging

Happy Halloween from your friends at Prime Line! A great way to create festive, stylish packaging is to incorporate 2020’s hottest trends. Along with popular trends, black printing and treatments can take your packaging to the next level of spookiness. A new trend to keep in mind for this ghostly season is art deco. Create your inspirational Halloween packaging by using geometric prints. Finally, add luxe treatments for a Halloween theme that’s as scary as 2020.

As we rang in 2020, many brands and retailers wanted to pay tribute to the historical and influential art deco trend. This design style is bold, geometric and can influence any type of packaging – no matter the holiday.

The art deco trend consists of bold color schemes with high contrast. Colors like black, bright oranges and golds make the symmetrical geometric patterns pop. Scallops, hexagons, zigzags or repeating pattern shapes are an excellent way to incorporate the art deco trend. Add these prints onto any type of packaging. You can even mix and match your geometric prints with other popular trends such as animal print for a completely chic, yet Halloween-inspired look. Finally, you can even add reflective silvers onto your packaging. This keeps the theme going. Whether it’s foil hot stamping or metallic printing, these 20’s inspired prints will be sure to make your spooktacular packaging stand out.


Your roaring 20’s inspired Halloween packaging can feature black and goldprinting and treatments of any type. Black packaging with gold accents is always a great way to create an ultra-luxe item. Your art deco designs and treatments can carry over into seasons beyond Halloween. Black and gold is a classic design. Much like the art deco trend, it can fit into any category. Whether your brand’s style is classy and upscale or gothic and ghoulish, art deco inspired Halloween packaging always makes a statement. To further your designs on simple black packaging, add a touch of gold hot stamping. This will create a spooky, yet chic packaging piece for any collection.

If you’re looking to stay with this trend, but want a monochromatic look, spot uv is a great treatment to think about. It will give your seasonal packaging a luxe feel while adding texture. Pairing these treatments along with custom printing will create a spooky roaring 20’s look for your packaging collection. Add these treatments onto materials like: cotton, kraft paper, specialty art papers, pp non-woven, pp woven or pvc.

Combining the art deco trend, unique printing materials and treatments, their different textures will give your packaging that festive ghostly design. There are so many ways the art deco trend can be styled on your packaging. Establishing a consistent look with these treatments and materials is a great start. It will be sure to make your art deco theme Halloween packaging stand out during this festive holiday and beyond.

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