Line Your Pockets With Vipac – Insert Cards

What about pockets on vinyl bags? Have a logo or information to accompany your vinyl bagged product?

There isn’t the commitment of inventory that you have with a printed bag if you have an insert pocket.  You could stockpile your packaging bags and have them readily available, no matter what order you are fulfilling.

For printed bags, once the artwork is created, we will engrave screens or rollers, depending upon the design. Once the bag is printed, it has to be used for whatever logo or information is on it.

So, if you have product line with several items or colors, you could simply have a pocket heat sealed onto the bag.  Print the card digitally, and slip it into the pocket.  Then you can swap out insert cards depending on the product in the bag.

You can use a neutral trim for binding and zippers or snaps, or your branded trim colors.   This too will support the marketing of your product, and should coordinate smartly with the insert card.

So line your pockets –  you will have a beautiful array of interchangeable vinyl bags each with their own custom, removable, insert card.

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