NATIONAL BROWN BAG IT DAY: MAY 25, 2021 by Prime Line Packaging

Tuesday, May 25 is National Brown Bag It Day. There are so many benefits of taking a brown bag lunch to work or school. It saves money and is an effective way to ensure you and your family are eating healthy. Taking a brown bag lunch or using brown kraft bags as take away carriers have so many benefits. Using brown bags saves money, improves healthy choices and provides an eco-friendly carrier. Creating custom brown kraft bags creates an out-of-store advertisement and adds an eco-friendly piece to your packaging collection.


When looking for the perfect brown bag for your take-away collection, kraft bags are the perfect option. Design your brown kraft bags with a square bottom for easy stand-up. Board reinforcement is also optional to give the bags extra durability. Finally, the kraft bags themselves are versatile in size to accommodate any restaurant order, large or small. Their eco-friendly nature lets customers reuse the bags over and over.

If your company is looking to customize brown bags, many options are available. Add different weights and pcw percentages or custom printing and treatments. Your brown kraft bags will not only look stylish, but will also serve as a mobile advertisement for your restaurant or brand. Most importantly, once these bags reach the end of their lifespan, remove the handles so the bags can be part of the single-stream recycling process.


When creating your brown bag, some materials to choose from are kraft papers made from post-consumer waste, flip side kraft, or virgin kraft papers. Each material is durable enough to hold multiple items. After you’ve chosen your materials, there are a variety of treatments to make the kraft materials exciting. Custom graphics, foils, and a wide selection of handles are some treatments to think about.

For example, pairing recyclable kraft papers with either cotton, paper twist or jute handles will put the finishing touches on your brown bag. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, adding a recyclable handle like paper weave or braid-like handles are also an option. With recyclable handle options, the entire bag can be part of the single-stream recycling process. This recycling process is great for turning your old brown bags into something new.

Along with recyclable handles, you can construct your shopping bags with a percentage of post-consumer waste. Many companies are using FSC® certified papers. Being FSC® certified means the company must follow all legal verifications and applicable laws, reduce the environmental effects of logging and foresting, and finally, respect the rights of the forest workers and local communities. If your company is FSC® certified, you are making sure your materials come from responsible sources to create the eco-friendliest paper shopping bag.


With the use of responsibly searchable materials and recyclable paper handles, this cuts down on more waste and can make a completely recyclable shopping bag. You can even reuse your bags multiple times before recycling. A multi-use bag with durable handles is the best option when creating recyclable items for your packaging collection.

Recycling your brown bags with the single-stream recycling process refers to a system in which paper fibers among other materials are sorted and recycled in a one-step process. The process allows for more paper grades for recycling, including brown kraft shopping bags, paper shopping bags as well as mixed paper.


Using, reusing and recycling your brown kraft bags are a great start when celebrating National Brown Bag It Day. Keeping the environment in mind is so important when creating the perfect brown kraft bag. With different handle and paper options, one can easily achieve a recyclable and eco-friendly paper bag with strong handles. Having brown bags in your packaging collections whether for restaurant take away or retail, are perfect for the environment.

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