With Pantone Ultra Violet, It’s Easy to be Extra

My teenager tells me I’m so “extra” when I go above and beyond. The same is true for Vipac Packaging … we aren’t satisfied with color that is “close enough” – we take pride in precision. Using only Pantone Matching System™ colors, the designers at Vipac bring boldness to the edge…and to the zippers and the pockets and handles. Wire bags in color branded pvc piping bring the collection together, printed logos carry the brand through the reuse of the vinyl bags, handles in fun colors add to the shelf appeal and matching zipper tapes enhance the chic style of the packaging.


Color carries the mood, and the Pantone ® Color of the Year Ultra Violet 18-3838 “symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.” The empowering inspiration of this purple Pantone shade is only one of the motivators for the use of color in our vinyl zipper bags, recyclable PEVA packaging, and dyable textiles and accents. Every color in the broad spectrum sets the tone and style of Vipac creative designs: trendy bedding bags, reusable cosmetic and personal care packaging, fashionable gift-with-purchase promotional bags in the latest styles and hue.

So don’t settle for close enough, let Vipac Packaging be “so extra” and find new creative horizons with color and style. Contact us today at info@vipac.com or 732-248-0777.

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