A Pull In The Right Direction

Life pulls us in many directions at once, and the designer’s job is to grab the consumer’s attention. Sometimes the biggest brightest panels and prints turn the head, but very often it’s the smaller unique details that catch the eye and close the deal.

Vipac Packaging designers are well versed in the art of the pull – they know the power of a custom pull made of metals or printed pvc, or thematic chains or trinkets that add to the branding. For every client from juvenile bedding bags for home textiles to sophisticated personal care for the health and cosmetics industry, a custom pull on a vinyl zipper bag adds flair and fashion trend. As custom manufacturers Vipac has always had a focus on the reuse of their pvc packaging, and the classy details of custom pulls spikes the interest in the ongoing use of the bag. The custom pull that helped the bag stand out on the shelf is a subtle persistent reminder of the brand, and builds loyalty.

The custom pull is always attached to zippers that have met strenuous quality testing, assuring that the reuse of the bag will hold up long after the original product has been unpacked and enjoyed. Vipac Packaging custom pulls are not just a pretty face, but they do dress up on the job.

Ready to add some flair to your packaging? Contact us today and find out how fashion and functionality combine in affordable style.

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