Rethinking On Purpose

Essential Oils Bag - Vipac- World Leader in Vinyl Bags & PackagingIt’s taking some creative thinking to imagine that it’s Spring – temperatures outside are bringing more snow than showers, we’re still watching for those April flowers. At least the extra time indoors is being spent doing Spring cleaning; this year the theme in my house is “minimize and organize.”

As with so many lifestyles, there is a shift in my home to cleaner and leaner. We’re enjoying the fresh diffusion of oils to clean the air, and I wanted to pull it all into one easy to reach carrier. Sorting through the clear vinyl zipper packaging I use for travel packing cubes, there was a perfect size for the oils palette and extra bottles, instruction booklet and free samples. The clear PVC of Vipac packaging makes it so easy to see everything at a glance, the strong zipper was quality tested to hold up from factory fulfillment to a new daily purpose.

Vipac home storage custom packaging primary purpose may have been for curtains, but it’s designed as a reusable bag. Bedding bags become seasonal clothing storage. In my car, vinyl pillow case packaging holds important paperwork in the glove compartment. Sheet packaging makes a great suitcase organizer. And of course, custom printed garment bags live on as weekend travelers carry the logo brand like a banner.

So the next time you buy a product with Vipac clear vinyl packaging, our clients want you to love their product and get the extra value out of your purchase. Rethink the next reuse of the package, it’s like Spring cleaning for the planet.

Contact Vipac Packaging today, and add value and purpose to your product packaging.

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