Spring Cleaning 2021: Repurposing Packaging

Many of us are continuing to spend more time at home. During the time we spend in our houses, we are taking advantage of the time to clean and organize. Some may still be using the Marie Kondo method of decluttering their homes. While others just want to organize. Repurposing your reusable packaging is great start in decluttering and spring cleaning. 

Storing your belongings with reusable retail packaging pieces like tote bags or custom boxes can keep your things organized while giving your packaging a second life. Repurposing your retail packaging not only gives the pieces a second life, but it cuts down on waste. Therefore, is a great eco-friendly option. Use a wide variety of these packaging pieces to separate your things by style, color, or category.

Spring Cleaning with Reusable Packaging 

No matter the size, reusable shopping bags are great to have to store your items like seasonal apparel, shoes and more. One popular type of storage bag is the Ikea inspired shopping bag. Many companies are creating their reusable shopping bags with storage and reusability in mind. These useful tote bags are made from durable materials and construction inspired by Ikea.  The popular size, versatility and style of the tote bag lets customers take their purchases home and after, reuse the bags. Reusable shopping bags are so durable to use as shopping bags, retail warehouse bags, and most importantly, a bag to organize and store items.

Finally, the bag’s construction lets you comfortably hold any amount of products. The extralarge storage capacity as well as the strong shoulder straps and carrying handles make the bag easy to carry. Extra handles and strong materials make up the tote bag’s durability. With these two types of handles, you can fill the bag to capacity without the worry of the material tearing. Ikea inspired bags, for example are normally made from pp woven, a strong woven material. Considering the bag is so durable, this makes it the perfect item to safely take home to store your larger belongings. You can even convert your reusable bags into a DIY storage bin. Simply cut off the handles and fold the top portion of the bag down.  

Spring Cleaning with Custom Boxes and Pouches 

Using storage bags are great for any room or closet. On the other hand, using your extra gift boxes or pouches for storing smaller items  or accessories are equally as great. Consider using your pouches to safely house your jewelry and cosmetics. Boxes are equally as great to use for smaller accessories as well as fragile jewelry. Gift boxes and pouches range in size to fit perfectly in drawers, closets, desks or cabinets. As a bonus, you can even use them as a holder when traveling while giving your belongings a safe, dry and trendy home. 

Next, larger size boxes are great to organize all of your gift wrap and crafting supplies. They are easy to put together and store. The boxes themselves can hold any assortment of wrapping paper and larger wrapping accessories. Use pouches to store smaller items like ribbon, hang tags and more. When it comes time to wrap a gift, you can easily sort through your supplies and find what you need. 

 Finally, two-piece boxes are especially handy to have around the house; no matter the branding. Use them to organize paperwork or a junk drawer. Simply set up the two-piece box in a common area and put all your essential items in the box. To keep it organized, occasionally sort through the box, discarding unwanted items. Then, when guests arrive, pop on the lid for easy home storage and a great display box. The custom graphics and unique treatment on your brand’s boxes will add a nice touch to your space while consolidating your belongings. 

Repurpose your Packaging to Organize

Now that the weather is warm, and we are out of the winter months, it’s such a great time for spring cleaning and repurposing your shopping bags. Designing great packaging for repurposing is great for brand reinforcement and the planet. Imagining your ideal organized lifestyle is easy when you establish a designated holder for all of your belongings. It’s very easy to do with the use of reusable shopping bags, pouches and custom boxes of any shape or size. When it’s time to start spring cleaning, it’s best to recognize what you need most during this time. 

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