Tote That….Well, Everything

If you’re like me you carry your life in a tote bag. A purse just doesn’t cut it for the active lifestyle of home, kids, school activities, work, gym, and errands. It’s only helpful, though, when I can find everything in that bag quickly and efficiently. That’s where Vipac clear vinyl saves the day.

A clear vinyl long handle tote bag is the perfect accessory to the busy life. Put a fun pattern on it and it’s all the more fashionable to carry. Being able to find what the contents of the tote at a quick glance saves time and energy; when it is part of the fashion statement women are certain to bring it daily. A sturdy tote bag as a gift with purchase stand-alone retail purchase finds myriad reuse especially when it adds to the sophistication of a pulled together look.

More and more grocery stores and retailers are phasing out plastic shopping bags and the tote bag is finding its niche. Canvas, pp-nonwoven, burlap, and heavy duty vinyl are all bringing home the bacon (and the bread and milk and eggs…). Studies show consumers feel smarter and more connected to their community when they use recyclable totes for their groceries and other purchases. Vipac specialty tote bags are that solution for consumers and retailers alike.

Contact Vipac today, and brand your own line of tote bags for your fashion line or retail outlet. Life comes with baggage, Vipac totes that.

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