Vipac Nails It With Cosmetics Packaging

Being the leader in home textile vinyl zipper packaging is a great achievement. The designers at Vipac enjoy taking their talents to the Cosmetics and Personal Care market also, where small packages are big business.

Contrasting materials, printing and tinting and glamming and glittering – these are only a sampling of the fun we have with Health and Beauty vinyl packaging. There are shiny patent leather looks, high gloss clear pvc, gems that dress it up and logos that brand it forever – all on the designers table for everything from shampoo to lip stick to hair ties and tweezers. The finishing touches of custom zipper pulls, sleek heat sealed bag edges or sophisticated satin binding make a statement that draws the eye and closes the deal.

As with all Vipac vinyl packaging, reuse is irresistible. Whether primary purpose packaging or gift with purchase promotional bag, the extra value is in the continued function of the vinyl bag. The packaging for your nail polish line becomes a purse friendly manicure kit; your cosmetic bag bonus with perfume purchase becomes the gym bag makeup stash. A logo printed or embossed on the PVC bag builds brand loyalty and advertises quality wherever it goes.

So while Vipac is the king of vinyl comforter bags, our beauty industry packaging is fit for a queen. Contact Vipac today and give your cosmetics line the royal treatment.

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