Vipac Packaging and The Beauty of Home Organization

Like most people, when I take down my holiday ornaments and put away my decorations, I do so while mumbling my new year’s resolution to be more organized and get my house in order. Every year I get a little better; I’m not just getting better at it though, I’m getting smarter.

I envy people whose homes and offices are always organized and efficient, and over the years I’ve picked up on some of their secrets. Storage and organization become part of the décor of the room – it looks smart, neat, color coordinated, purposeful and chic. In these spaces, people use their smarts in finding products that do double duty – a clear vinyl over-the-door organizer has a variety of pockets to store shoes…or cosmetics…or office supplies…or electronics and accessories. Clear vinyl zipper bags neaten up shelves by organizing gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters. Not only is space saved but time searching for items is too, which contributes to that sense of satisfaction and control.

This kind of organization gives an air of sophistication, of pride in our surroundings. A current home organization guru method for keeping or discarding items asks us to find what “sparks joy” in our spaces. I find that a clean canvas bin, or clear vinyl shelf boxes neatly organize books and supplies and home textiles and make the rooms so visually appealing and inviting that it sparks joy just walking in.

Vipac Packaging and our sister company, the online home storage and organization business Closet Complete®, have been manufacturing products that make our homes and offices better and smarter since we first zipped packaging around a home comforter three generations ago. We’ve been sparking joy ever since.

Contact us today, or order online, and let’s share the joy of home storage and organization.

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