Vipac Packaging Believes in Transparency


Among the retail problems Vipac Packaging helps solve all the time, the issue of customers opening packaging in the store is frequently mentioned. With our sealed clamshell plastic packaging, there is no need to open the transparent box to see the item and confirm its details.

Cost-Volume-Profit analysis is affected when opened packages cannot be sold; even when a display item is available shoppers will open packaging to view color or quality. Secure clamshell packaging maintains the integrity of the electronics, cosmetics, cell phone accessories, baby products….the list is endless because clamshell packaging can be custom molded to meet any product need.

From blister packs to solid cylinder packages and gift boxes, firm transparent sealed clamshell molded packaging reduces inventory shrinkage and influences customer confidence in the item quality. Plastic clamshell packaging holds up well in reuse, adding more value to the shopping experience.

Contact Vipac today and let us help you see your way to the right packaging for your product.

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