Vipac Packaging – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Birthdays, holidays, special occasions – who doesn’t love getting a gift. Vipac Packaging knows the value of the giving, but even better the value of the keeping and the using. When home textile packaging or personal care bags are reused over and again, the benefits are evident to the consumer and to the planet.

Popular packaging that comes to mind are personal care and cosmetic bags, often in brand color sequins or satin, with custom zipper pulls or statement handles. Just as valuable are clear vinyl zipper bags used in the home textile industry which then enjoy a life of reuse in home storage, toy organization, gym locker clean up and office efficiency. Today’s consumer looks at the whole purchase and enjoys as much utility as can be had from the product and its packaging. Value is about more than just the budget; it’s also the satisfaction of a smart purchase that adds to the sophistication of home and life.

Contact Vipac’s team of designers and let them develop vinyl packaging that meets your product needs and adds brand value that your customers will remember with every reach.

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