Vipac Packaging Goes Old School in New Ways

Technology is great, but there’s nothing like the basics. School supplies are needed every day and today’s students want to be more organized than ever. Consumers are both value- and eco- conscious, and want their purchases to multi-task. Vipac Packaging has been ahead of the learning curve for a generation, making reusable vinyl and PEVA packaging for pens, markers, and every variety of classroom tool.

When Vipac clients order vinyl packaging, whether with sewn bindings or heat sealed edges, they know they’re getting a quality tested product that will hold up through fulfillment and shelf stock. Clear vinyl packaging does double duty – the products look great and are showcased for success. Consumers who purchase vinyl zipper bags or snap flap bags know they’re quality products and tools for organization at the same time.

Vipac clear vinyl packaging brings forward thinking reusable chloride-free PVC packaging to a classic rite of passage – back to school supplies with all year long organization. Now that’s class.

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