Vipac Packaging Wants to Customize Your Experience

In the world of packaging, one size doesn’t always fit all. Vipac Packaging knows this better than anyone, manufacturing everything from home textiles vinyl zipper comforter bags to personal care toiletry and cosmetic bags. The unique packaging that we highlight on our website reflects our design expertise in the use of custom colors, shapes, and defining details that make our clients’ vinyl packaging stand out at retail.

Our business started with custom bedding PVC bags and our reputation as leaders in design continues to grow: high quality handles made of satin or rope or product complementing textiles, bindings and zipper pulls, all in custom Pantone® matched brand colors. Sturdy clear PVC can be logo printed or tinted to draw the eye and enhance the brand loyalty. As always, Vipac encourages the reuse of our strong PVC and PEVA packaging, and manufactures our heat sealed or sewn vinyl zipper bags to withstand the test of our quality control and our customer’s needs long after the product adorns their homes.

Whether it’s a custom pocket, a unique custom zipper pull, metal mesh panels or natural cotton canvas to carry a theme, Vipac Packaging does it all to fit our clients to a T…or an L…or a C. Contact us today to see the shape you’re in.

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