Vipac is Totes Essential

Long before grocery stores began to shift from plastic bags, Vipac Packaging and our affiliate Prime Line Packaging  had already begun the movement to reuse eco-friendly packaging for shopping and other “carrying on.”

From clear vinyl cosmetic packaging – great to reuse to organize purses, drawers, gym bags, car consoles…everywhere that clutter gathers – to the foldable tote bags that go everywhere and carry everything, our eco-conscious packaging alternatives reduce waste and are repurposed creatively. Prime Line and Vipac both design with the end in mind – client ease and convenience, brand recognition and loyalty, reliable reusability.

In the warm weather months the foldable shopping bags are essential – carry groceries, gym clothes, pool and beach accessories, airline travel. There are as many reuses for our totes and clear vinyl packaging as there are lifestyles to fill them and we are here for that.

Not only are these eco-friendly bags reusable, they’re printable which makes them a walking billboard for brand recognition. Using only Pantone® Matching System colors for the strongest logo replication, customer loyalty is reinforced with every reach.

Every season is the time to use a custom tote bag, so contact us now and add this essential to your line.

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