What You Need Is What You Get

With some manufacturers, your product is made to the shape of their packaging. At Vipac, we create a custom package that highlights the product and adds to the value of the purchase for the

We love vinyl cylinder bags for mixed product assortments . Closing with a drawstring? Make it velvet, or ribbon, or add charms…or use a cord complementing the color of your product. A custom zipper and pull can be your color, any size, ….add a handle and guarantee that your logo-printed bag will be carried like a walking billboard.

Vipac Packaging wants to provide our customers with the vinyl bag that meets their needs. We know that part of that need is fulfilling the eco-conscious consumer desire to reuse the designer bag and enjoy the full value of the purchase.

Contact Vipac today, and let us show you how our vinyl packaging can be all things to all your people.

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