It’s Whats Inside The Package That Counts

Packaging is always on the job, so when it has a chance for whimsy it can hardly resist. The beauty of vinyl packaging is in its versatility, and when crystal clear PVC is the outer cover to printed fabrics the possibilities are endless.

Coordinating with our clients in the home textiles bedding industries or health and personal care cosmetic packaging, Vipac uses the latest trends in fabrics and covers them with durable clear PVC to create custom vinyl zipper bags perfectly matched to our clients newest programs. From bold prints to subtle hues, these custom fabrics are the perfect opportunity to add some fun and fancy with dyed zipper tapes and custom zipper pulls. Custom accessories add attraction to the promotion but also serve practical branding purposes. Consumers are more likely to recycle and reuse their packaging these days, getting more value from their purchase; this next packaging life promotes brand loyalty. Tassels, custom molded pulls of the brand logo, handles and bindings all complement the inner fabric and inspire reuse of the bags as purse organizers, phone holders, carried to the gym or school classes…Vipac piques the imagination and the people take it from there!

Contact us today and see how the clear vinyl shell bag can promote your newest market program…and the one after that…and the one after that…

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