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The Perfect Reusable Vinyl Tote

   This popular bag has a great design that showcases the product by framing it with PPNW borders on top and bottom.  The PPNW allows breathability, and the straps are perfect for carrying.  This bag…
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See You in the Showrooms!

After much preparation and coordinating with our customers, our packaging is on site in the showrooms of the Spring NY Home Fashions Market, which kicks off March 17 and runs through the week. We’re always…
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Vinyl Packaging – As Clothing

  When one thinks of vinyl packaging, it usually does not conjure up dresses.  Leave to couture designers to use a pliable, durable, colorful, and inexpensive material to create an eye catching dress that any fashionista…
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Zipper Pulls – The New Accessory

     When I pull a zipper open on any bag, I love when it is custom made.  It’s like jewelry to me.  Gorgeous embossed logos in metal or resin, interesting shapes and colors, all…
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