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Metal Vinyl PVC Sheet Bag

Vipac is proud to show off our Metal Vinyl PVC Sheet Bags. These beautiful custom sheet bags are as beautiful as they are functional. Our custom sheet bags feature a sewn metal mesh and are designed using clear PVC plastic. The handle also features metal mesh. These bags were designed with functionality in mind and created as a high-tech sheet bag.

Our Metal Vinyl PVC Sheet Bag serves as a perfect storage solutions for linens as well as other household items. You can rest assured knowing that the PVC plastic will protect its contents as well as store them in a beautifully designed product.

These bags also serve as an excellent product packaging display . Feel confident in showing off your products in these perfectly designed custom bags. The clear PVC is the perfect way of showing off your product to your potential customers. Your customers will also love their custom reusable sheet bags that they can use over and over again. Start customizing your own custom PVC sheet bags with Vipac today!