See Your Way Through Great Sales

January and February have always been known as the best time to find sales on new linens and home textiles – everyone is ready to refresh colors and revitalize their living spaces. Great values are available on high quality bedding, and Vipac packages those products for prime shelf optics.

Sales on Clear Vinyl Bedding Bags

The clearest PVC, strong handles of product matching rope or webbing, wire rims that stand straight and stand out when wrapped with brand coordinated dyed PVC binding, and zippers quality tested to last…these custom details draw the eye and attract the buyer during sales time. When your product has the whitest whites, the brightest blues, purples that pop, Vipac vinyl bags are the leading packaging of choice to carry your colors to market.

Add to the market value the benefit to reuse and recycle the bags. Last season’s bedding, beach towels in winter, summer clothes, winter sweaters – Vipac clear vinyl zipper bags stand the test of time and make home storage and organization a breeze.

Vipac is the world leader in vinyl packaging sales of all shapes and sizes, in-stock or custom manufactured. Contact us today and see your way to market in Vipac Packaging.

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