Versatility is Vinyl’s Bag

Packaging requires more than cookie cutter thinking – fortunately, vinyl is such a versatile product it’s the go-to material to make stylish specialty bags. Clear PVC makes beautiful custom home textile and cosmetic zipper bags, but when you want a unique gift with purchase promotional bag you want vinyl that reaches for the stars – and glows in the dark.

Vinyl can be custom dyed, embossed, printed, die cut, studded, sewn or heat sealed. Using made to order designs infused with whimsical details – neon piping, lights that glow – vinyl can be manufactured for purses and other fashion forward promotional pieces. The versatility of vinyl lends itself to the look of leather and suede, or can be clear as glass and edgy as metal. As always, Vipac designs their packaging for reuse long after its success at retail; we were pioneers in the green initiative long before the trend.

So whatever bag you have in mind our designers can bring that out into the light – or make it glow in the dark. Contact us today and let’s get glowing.

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