Vipac Aims to Overdeliver

At Vipac, our designers are tasked with delivering made-to-order packaging every day; knowing that the first impression of a client’s product is our packaging, we aim to over-deliver.

Need a handle on a vinyl zipper comforter bag? Then make it a custom color matched satin handle. It’s not just a clear vinyl zipper blanket bag – it’s got custom tinted binding, a PMS® color zipper tape, or a custom molded zipper pull. Extra large bed-in-a-bag – put some fabric wrapped wire rim bindings on that oversized bag. Need an unconventional look? Wrap your product in pvc wire mesh.

As leaders in the vinyl packaging industry for generations we know that our vinyl zipper bags are both the attraction and the promotion of our clients’ products, so we manufacture them to stand up, to stand out, to stand strong well after the initial packaging use is achieved. We make a promise to deliver a bag that passes rigorous quality control standards, and then over-deliver on the promise of fashion forward top trending design details. Vipac knows that a package that can catch your eye can capture your heart and inspire the reuse we’ve encouraged from the very beginning.

So contact us today, and see what we can over-deliver to you.

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