The Vipac Gold Standard

Luxury is dressed in a lot of colors but it’s gold that sets the tone. Solid and sleek, it draws the eye and begs the touch. At Vipac, our designers know the power of gold and deliver 14K service to clients around the globe.

Whether enhancing the golden hue of textiles or riffing on the metallic shimmer in cosmetics, Vipac designers know the Midas touch needs to be just right. The cool gold bars of custom zipper pulls or the classy sparkle of gold through on our vinyl zipper bags, the effect makes a statement of distinction. Gold satin panels and handles, metallic wrapped wire bindings – the design style carries the vinyl packaging theme without weighing down the product. Packaging is the first impression and Vipac vinyl packaging draws the consumer attention with both attraction and promotion – from drawstring bags to cosmetic pouches and home textile comforter bags. Gold is such a beautiful neutral that season after season it’s the calling card of class and warmth.

Vipac has always manufactured packaging that passes rigorous quality controls so that when our vinyl packaging finishes its primary product job, the next life of reuse is ready. Luxurious details compel the desire to keep the packaging going – carry toiletries to the gym, keep blankets in the car, store toys and games in easily accessible handy clear vinyl bags. At Vipac we don’t just manufacture vinyl zipper bags, we set the gold standard in production and value.

Contact us today and see why our vinyl packaging stands out in style.

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