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Vipac Outlines Clear Coverage

Crystal Clear PVC stands on its own as a material of strength and durability, as protective packaging and chic fashion statement. To accentuate its appearance, Vipac uses bold borders and outlines. Black twill, shiny metallics,…
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Vipac Has A Handle On It

Vipac Packaging comes in every shape and size for every industry, and our designers draw up options for our clients to create the perfect bag. The handle is an essential item that can also be an…
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PVC Peek-A-Boo in Summer Fashion

Nothing sees you through summer like white linen – and for some more see-through fun add clear pvc to your fashion line! Sewn at the seams, this durable versatile material can take the heat and…
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Bag a Catch! Vinyl Makes a Great Handbag

Looking for a perfect match? Clear PVC goes with everything! Heavy-duty high-gloss crystal clear PVC makes a durable high fashion handbag. Printable logos and badges can add cache to the look, and leather panels and…
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Vipac is Hooked On Success

You want a crew who can reel in the big one, and the production team at Vipac has a steady manager at the helm. In the world of manufacturing anything can happen (and usually does);…
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Metal Vinyl PVC Sheet Bag

Vipac Rocks the Metal with Mesh

For an edgy look to classic clear PVC, adding breathable mesh panels, handles, and metallic trim is the perfect touch. Functional for its breathability while still protecting the home textiles, decorative mesh on the packaging adds to the market…
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Spring Colors Outside the Basket

Inspired by all those colorful eggs? Think outside the basket with Vipac tinted pvc vinyl zipper bags. Vipac makes a tinted vinyl PVC bag trimmed with a heavy duty vinyl in your custom color choice.  The knotted…
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Vipac Brings the Green – In Every Shade

Some like it hot . Some like it lime, or neon, or emerald, or mossy, or seafoam. Whatever shade suits your brand, Vipac Packaging matches it perfectly for you. Suit bags, drawstring back packs, vinyl zipper bags…
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